Chimney Rock Village
Visitors realize it right away. There’s something special about the enduring and genuine charm of a tiny, yet bustling village like Chimney Rock.

Some visitors love this off the beaten place so much they have made it their home and their livelihood. In the multi-generation family shops they’ve operated and from the restaurants where they have served thousands of hungry travelers over the decades, residents here are a tightly knit group of ‘can-do’ community-minded individuals who work hard, have a good time and love where they live.

The last Census counted just 113 residents of Chimney Rock, all living in a total area of 2.8 square miles that is encompassed by park land, a busy Main St., thousands of acres of conserved forests and a 360 degree view of regal mountain vistas. The village shares a border with the Town of Lake Lure. And its Rocky Broad River is one of the main tributaries feeding the manmade lake.

The village takes its name from a large granite outcropping located on a summit above the village itself in Chimney Rock State Park.

Because it is a small community, the residents and business owners of the village work mightily together on community projects such as the River Walk and the outdoor Amphitheatre, aptly named The Gathering Place. It is here where the community hosts multiple music venues and annual festivals. Residents are also active in the local government, the volunteer fire department, the Community Development Association and in multiple volunteer organizations around Hickory Nut Gorge.

If you’re interested in learning more about life in Chimney Rock Village, download our brochure on the area. Then check out these Area Resources.